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Web Sites Used For Water Pollution Activities

The following is a bookmark list of web sites used in this unit:

USGS' Water Activity Center

USGS' Water Questions and Answers

USGS' Water Galleries (Pictures, Maps)

Ralph Prices' Water PowerPoint

The Importance of Water

Water for Life Gallery (Virtual Field Trip)

USGS' Water Basics

USGS' Earth's Water

USGS' Special Water Topics

The Properties of Water

Glossary: The Importance of Water to Life

Clickable Water Mind Map

Properties of Water: List of Terms (Mind Maps)

Key Concepts About Water

USGS' Water Properties Quiz

Water Pollution

List of Experiments (by grade level) from the EPA

Testing for Hard and Soft Water

Water Density

Surface Tension of Water


Hot and Cold Water

Bending Water

Soft Water and Suds

Floating Soap Bubbles

Non point Source Pollution: The Nation's Largest Water Quality Problem

The Quality of Our Nation's Water

Water Drops Web Site

Environmental Protection Agency Information

Watershed Management Program

Give Water a Hand (What you can do in your community)

Water Education from the Environmental Protection Agency

Water Dowsing

Globe Program

Jason Project


Yahooligans Poetry

Water Art Resources

 Collections and Museums

Yahooligans Museums and Galleries Marine Art Information Center Yellowstone Pools and Basins by William Jackson
Yahooligans Painting Master Prints Gallery Mark Vinsel's Paintings of His Favorite Fishing Spots
Yahooligans Artists Art and Ecology  Santa Domingo, by Pizzaro
 The Smithsonian Institution Office of Imaging, Printing, and Photographic Services The National Gallery  Falls of Kaaterskil, by
Thomas Cole
Water Art by the Students of Idalina High School in Sao Paulo, Brazil The Mill, by Rembrandt


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