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California Science Content Standards

National Science Standards


  Rubric for Skits, Plays, Oral Presentations


 Habits of Mind

Critical Thinking Skills

 Habits of Work

Collaboration,Study Habits

 Communication Skills

Sentence & Paragraph Structure, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling


Demonstrates understanding of the topic and concepts


 Shows complete understanding of the topic.

Content is clear, coherent.

Communicates the main ideas to the audience.

 Each member of the group contribute toward the final product.

Clear evidence of shared responsibility.

Shows forethought and preparation.

 Strong well defined topic statement embedded within production.

All information is correct.

Well organized.

Sentence structure is clear and correct

No grammar errors.

Speaks with clear, loud voice.

Shows poise and self-confidence.

 Information is accurate and complete.

Reflects broad research and clear understanding of topic.


 Shows a fairly complete understanding of topic.

Content is somewhat clear and coherent.

Main ideas are mostly clear to audience.

 Although all group members participated, some were less engaged.

3/4 of group shared responsibility.

Shows some forethought and preparation.

 Clearly stated topic within the production.

Only minor errors in information.

Fairly well organized.

Sentence structure shows only minor errors.

Only minor grammar errors.

Speaks with clear, loud most of the time.

Shows poise and self-confidence most of the time.

 There is a broad range of information presented.

Shows evidence of research from a number of sources.


 Shows some confusion in the understanding of the topic

Content is mostly clear and coherent, but there are some vagueness.

Audience is sometimes confused about content

 Evidence of some group interaction.

Half the group shared the responsibility.

Some evidence of prior discussion and planning

 Topic is only somewhat stated.

Some errors in information.

Shows an attempt at organization.

Sentence structure shows errors.

Grammar errors are evident.

Voice is sometimes hard to hear and understand.

Seems somewhat unsure of self when presenting in front of others.

 Information is accurate and organized, but not complete.

Shows used of a few relevant resources.


 Incomplete understanding of content.

Significant information and content are missing.

Audience cannot quite grasp understanding of content.

 Strong reliance on one group member.

Only one or two group members actively participated.

Group conversations not totally focused on topic.

 Topic is only vaguely stated.

Major errors in information.

Shows little attempt at organization.

Sentence structure shows major errors.

Many grammar errors.

Unable to clearly hear the speaker.

Seems quite unsure of self when presenting in front of others.

 Little relevant information is presented.

Shows dependence on on or two references.


 Inappropriate and irrelevant information is presented.

Most of the important concepts are not evident.

Audience does not get a clear picture of content.

 All work done by one group member.

Little interaction between group members.

Some group members disinterested and distracted.

 Topic is not stated.

Incorrect information.

Shows no attempt at organization.

There is a lack of sentence structure.

Abundant grammar errors.

Mumbles, or speaks in inaudible voice.

Seems afraid to speak in front of others.

 Information is in coherent and off topic.

Shows little evidence of research.



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