Show Your Stuff

1.BIG SIX ORGANIZER: Use "My Project Log" to organize the research process toward development of the final presentation and evaluation.  Keep your notes in your envelope for evaluation. 
2. STORYBOARDS: After you have gathered the information, analyze it and organize it into an "Outline Story Board" worksheet. You need to decide which part comes first, then next, and so on, using your index cards of keyword information and related image lists.  
3.PRESENTATION: Now it's time to put your story-board and images together in a group slide show presentation. Working together, taking turns, you can put words, ideas and images into a good presentation. We sure to give create by showing copyright information on images used. Chose limited colors and text, not more than two to give a pleasing and uncluttered look.  

Make sure everyone in the group takes a presenters role in the presentation. Differences of opinion can be solved with the rule: "Only if you have the mike can you speak." Use a piece of plastic pipe for a microphone. Your debate will include questions from the public who will be interested in the prospects of life in space.