Roles For Specialists On This Mission 
You are needed to conduct vital research on whether life does exist in space.  The World Life Studies Federation is planning to send a Robot into space and you may hold the key to what and where this ship should look for beyond our Earth.  As you all know our planet is polluted and overpopulated.  The future of mankind may be in our hands.

Seven different types of specialists are needed to complete the work of this project and report their findings to the Federation.   Join one of the teams and help find answers to the many questions concerning this mission.

List of Interplanetary Life Force Team positions:
Positions: Descriptions: Salaries:
Astronaut Pilot who receive special training for travel in space using space vehicles. $100000
Astrophysicist Studies space and specializes in planets and space; uses satellites and telescopes. $105000
Biologist Animal and plants scientist; human, animals & plant life studies. $  85000
Engineer Designer, director and manager of intricate constructions; uses mechanical devices & scientific knowledge. $150000
Exobiologist Life form specialist; specializes in life forms of all kinds, especially beyond our Earth. $  95000
Geologist Rock and earth studies; analyze soils and land forms, gases and liquids. $  95000
Meteorologist Weather and atmosphere scientist; temperature and weather analyst. $  75000
NOTE:  See the rubrics for every specialist under Self-Assessment for salaries of less qualified workers.