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"Encarta". Microsoft. 1997 and 1998.

World Book Encyclopedia. World Book. 1998.

CD-ROM - County Library Media Services:

"Exploring the Solar System and Beyond". National Geographic S., 1994. # CD83. 1.

Laserdisc - "Understanding Earth". Video Discovery, 1996.

"Oceans". Eyewitness. #49643-01 VD.

"Gravity." Scientific Eye Series. #ic - 1969 - 5 VD. 20 min.

Sagan, Carl. "Cosmos". #1818 VD.

"Extraterrestrial Life". Mysterious Universe: 1998. Discovery Channel.

"Dive into Darkness". New Explorers: 1998. Discovery Channel.

"The Ultimate Human Adventure". Spacelab Life Sciences 1: 1992. "The Planets". BMG Video. 51 min.

"Godspeed John Glen". Return to Orbit: 1998. Discovery Channel.

"The Astronaut." Return to Orbit: 1998. Discovery Channel.

"Inside the Space Shuttle." Return to Orbit: 1998. Discovery Channel.

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