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  1. Team up with three (3) other students as assigned or on your own.
  2. Work as a team to create a collective position of your company or group.
  3. Develop a company or group logo and slogan that represents you in a positive manner. You do not want to be perceived as the "enemy" at the Town Meeting.
  4. Develop a plan to research, exchange information, and compare each members progress in completing the activity.
  5. Identify the strengths of each team member in developing the report and presentation as described in Show Your Stuff.

Be sure and review the different community groups and organizations that will be presenting at the Town Hall Meeting. Each group has a different viewpoint and opinion that they will be defending, and each group is trying to make the community agree with them!

Community Groups:

* Check Out the following resources:
Kohler River Map and

Kohler River Data


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