Having some time to relax while you get ready to fly out of Hawaii, you decide to look into some of the history of wrecks and treasure available on-line: Check out these sites, and take some notes on what you find.

[About Ship Wrecks] [About Exploring For Sea Treasure]

[About Underwater Equipment and Vehicles] [About Treasure]

[Types of Treasure] [Boat Vocabulary]

[About Diving for Treasure] [Pirates & Wrecks]

[Famous Pirates] [Ship Wreck Quiz]

["Ocean Planet"]

You also want to take a look at a site which tells a little about the time period and area in which the ship sank. This might help you figure out what kind of treasures might be on-board. It might also give you a clue to the answer to the question that is bugging you and your team: "Why did it sink?"

Your secretary has found another important link for your interest, The Road To Washington:1812, which contains maps of the river in which the ship sank.

Note: if you have trouble bringing up the 1812 map, here are several sections of it: Map:1812, MapA:1812, MapB:1812, MapC:1812, MapD:1812. These maps are courtesy of
After doing some preliminary research, write down several things you have discovered in your company LogBook. Then go on to Sink or Float?


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