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Hi, Boss. We've found an interesting ship. It probably sank during the War of 1812. It's confusing, though. We found no holes from enemy cannonballs, sunken log damage, or apparent damage to the ship's hull. However, we did find an unusually large load of both cannon and cannonballs. I don't know if we will find any major valuables (gold, money, . . . ) We should get a good price for all these historic cannons, though. Oh by the way, we found a sailor's diary in a sealed metal tube. I'm sending a copy of the part about the days just before the boat sank

(Excerpt from a sailor's log: 1812)

We soon leave the ocean expanse to take our load up the Potomac River. It is good to have a rest from all the heavy lifting of the past week. The captain took on a great number of cannon and ball from other ships. We are to take them upriver to the troops in battle. The added weight causes our ship to ride very low in the water. I am thankful that the sea is calm and the weather fair. Today we reached the mouth of the river. The men are excited. We are also troubled. The ship is riding even lower in the water. I was sent below to check for holes in the hull or other damage. I found none. Several of the crew claim we are very slowly sinking. It is as though we are adding even more cargo, though we are not.... ....We are well into the river now. The ship is barely afloat. How can it be? We again checked for damage and found none. The crew is asking to turn back. The captain insists on continuing upriver. I fear the worst. We have begun to consider throwing some items overboard and hope we are not to late as water is beginning to seep onboard. I will seal this in a canister for now and take it out to write again when conditions improve...."(end fax)
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