Congratulations! You have just received your credentials as a marine biologist. Because of your reputation as an incredible investigator, you have immediately been assigned to a task force investigating possible sightings of Great White Sharks.

Over the past couple weeks, a large dorsal fin has been sighted in a lagoon off the coast of a small northern Californian resort. The mood of the normally serene community has become increasingly tense as fin sightings have become more frequent. Could the fin belong to a great white shark? The people want to know, they have to know. Tourists are leaving the area in droves. The economic and psychological well being of the community are in your hands.

Your mission: Go to the lagoon, analyze and evaluate the lagoon's composition and ability to sustain varied aquatic life, and obtain detailed information on the potential bearer of the dorsal fin described by the local residents.

Once you have the pertinent information, you will make a presentation to the town council stating your findings and recommendations. As a member of a research team, you will use Internet resources to collect data and communicate with other members of the science community.

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