Water....what's in it for You?
Let's investigate what you're really drinking

None of us (I hope!) would drink water with chunks of weird stuff floating in it. But every day most of us gulp down strange brews of salts, metals, and other chemicals that get mixed into our perfect H2O.

Testing the water that comes into our homes, workplaces and schools is a big business, and for good reason! It is easy to take for granted the life sustaining properties of water.

The standard answer by most of us to "Where does our water come from?... " From the faucet! " .

It is very fruitful (in our thinking) to crawl, walk, or "surf"back through the faucets, into the wells, resevoirs, and up into the clouds. Water has some amazing properties that make it grab, dissolve, and otherwise carry all kinds of substances along with it as it travels through the world to us. Some of the things it brings to us ....... are not too good. Some are distasteful, and some are downright dangerous!

The first step is to use our several senses to OBSERVE the signs that our water puts up.

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