Alright... if you have a sink or drinking fountain handy, go look at it, otherwise use your memory...... think about brushing your teeth this morning, or taking a bath, or the drinking fountain you use at school.

Is there a stain where the water drips? What color is it? Orange,brown, blue, green?

These are leftovers from metals that are often found in tapwater. What do you think those metals might be? Click on the word to find out if you are right.

How about the faucet where there water comes out? Clean and shiny bright? Even if someone cleaned and polished the metal, you can still examine the hole the water comes out. (showerheads are really good to check out)

Are there white spots where the water drops have dried? What does that tell you? (think of bones)

Is the hole coated with a pale crust or flaky substance? What could that be from?

Click on "How did you do" to see what you already knew, and to find out some basics about the tapwater you drink. Then move on to find out some more common "additives" in your water, or click below to start the track back through your faucet to......


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