How Did You Do?
Assess the quality of your investigation.


  • Did you complete the tasks that you agreed to in the "Division of Labor" that you and your group developed?
  • Did you attend class everyday? If not, did you make up for the time you were absent?
  • Did you keep a journal of your work?
  • If you chose to do a written report, did you use good English grammar and spelling to convey your ideas. Did you include details to clarify what you learned? Did you include references to the source of your information, such as URLs?
  • If you chose to do an oral report, did you use visuals and include enough details to adequately convey your topic to the class?
  • Did you organize your research so that it was useful to you?
  • Did you develop new questions?
  • Did you have fun while learning? Did you learn while having fun?
  • I would suggest that you and your teacher read over this suggested outline of what constitutes a good investigation. How you determine credit is up to you.

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