Team Page
If you are working as a team, try to use some of the following hints.

1. Discuss ways in which the tasks to be done can be evenly distributed. Then type out an outline that shows this Division of labor.

2. Keep track of the attendance of each member of the team on a spreadsheet or something comparable. Poor attendance will result in removal from the team.

3. Each team member must keep a log. Keep these questions in mind to help you with your journal: What work have I done to help the team effort? What am I learning? What difficulties am I encountering? What new questions am I asking? What web sites am I finding that are good? Be sure to date your log with each new entry.

4. Each team member should use the same format for recording information.

5. Check with your team members outside of class to exchange information, ideas, compare progress and plan meeting times.

6. Decide on a way to show what you have learned.
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