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Use the following links to help you in your research to determine if UV Radiation is Friend or Foe.


Environmental Protection Agency Sun Wise School Program

The health effects of ultraviolet radiation.

SafeSun, Personal UV meter

SafeSun is a personal ultraviolet (UV) meter. It measures 'skin burning intensity' of sun's UV (in UV Index units)

and lets you know how much UV you've absorbed throughout the day.

Municipal Water Products

A complete selection of municipal water filters, ultraviolet water disinfection units, pressure vessels, and related

water treatment equipment.

FUSE: Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Home Page Homepage for FUSE, the Far Ultraviolet

Spectroscopic Explorer. FUSE is a NASA-supported astronomy mission, developed by The Johns Hopkins

University, to explore the Universe using the technique of high-resolution spectroscopy in the far-ultr.

Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) Protection Lightweight Lenses Anti-Reflective Coating Ultraviolet (UV) Protection Tints

Transitions® Polarized Mirror KidSafe® Pearle Vision recommends that all eyewear — including

sunglasses, prescription and...

Ultraviolet Technology of Australasia - manufactures ultraviolet disinfection units to kill disease causing

virus/bacteria in treated waste water, drinking water and cooling towers.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation - manufacturers of residential and commercial ultraviolet water purifiers for

potable and wastewater systems, as well as air sanitizers and lamps.

Ultraviolet Imager (UVI) - a camera in Earth orbit which conducts observations of the polar aurora in the far

ultraviolet wavelengths and helps quantify the overall effects of solar energy input to the Earth's polar regions.

International Extreme Ultraviolet Hitchhiker-3 (IEH-3) - seven experiments make up this payload flying on the

STS-95 Space Shuttle mission.

Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope (HUT) - the telescope has flown twice aboard the Space Shuttle as part of a package

of instruments called the Astro Observatory.

Interactive Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation Skymap

Ultraviolet Index - from the National Weather Service.

Family Medicine - Feature: 04/14/97 From The Mining Company

Skin Cancer is on the rise in the United States and the rest of the world; but it can be prevented .

Summer Fun: Protecting Against Ozone - Date: 05/24/98

Exposure to UV rays can harm your eyes and skin. Here's some hints on protecting yourself.

Ultraviolet Solar Radiation: Effects and UV Index - Meteorology - 02/23/97

Ultraviolet solar radiation, emphasizing its harmful effects, its measurement, and the UV Index

SEDAC: Stratospheric Ozone and Human Health Project Home Page

Review: Info on UV radiation, ozone, and related human health concerns.

Darker side of tanning pamphlet page

Find out what skin type you are, and the risk you face in various levels of UV radiation.

Bacteria in Drinking Water, Bulletin 795 - Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet light has disinfection properties that kill bacteria, viruses, and some cysts. However, it will not kill

giardia cysts. , the concept of using light to treat water supplies has ...

Upper Atmospheric Physics Branch, Code 7640

RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: To study and understand the energetics, dynamics and state of the near space

environment, to sense the middle and upper atmospheric...