UV Radiation, Friend or Foe?

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UV Radiation, Friend or Foe? is an open-ended, multi faceted learning activity that should take 1-2 weeks to complete. The presentation of the research results will vary. Each group may approach the topic differently and with the rich choice of resource links may come to different conclusions.

The teacher will go the The Weather Channel web site and determine the playing times for the two 8 minute video lessons on "The Sun" and "The Atmosphere" prior starting this lesson. You may also download the student lesson sheets or select to have the students work online. The Weather Channel offers The Weather Classroom as part of 540 hours of commercial free television programming offered each month through Cable in the Classroom.

Different software presentation programs may be used for the end product. Each presentation will attempt to convince the audience that UV Radiation is either Friend or Foe.

California Standards addressed in this lesson.

The Sun, Teaching Guide from The Weather Channel

The Atmosphere, Teaching Guide from The Weather Channel