UV Radiation

Friend or Foe?

Team Page



Your team task is to research UV radiation and determine if it is harmful or benificail to our species. You will produce a ten minute presentation in Power Point that attempts to convince the other members of your class that your conclusions are correct.


1. Assign video topics download lessons and view each topic on a VCR tape supplied by your teacher.

2. The team members assigned to this task will answer the Weather Questions and Weather Terms

at the following links while viewing the VCR tapes.

A. Atmosphere

B. The Sun

3. Use the glossary for definitions of the words on you video worksheets.

4. Go to Links Page and start on-line research to determine if UV Radiation is Friend or Foe.

5. Collect your data on UV Radiation .

6. Make a folder to store information to be used in presentation.

7. Create your presentation and present your conclusions to your class.