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Work with one other student agent.

As you well know, our agency is responsible for the security of all life on this planet (a big job). To make this assignment easier, your team will be assigned just one of the fifty states in the U.S. Your division leader (your teacher) will pass a hat with the names of all 50 states. You can randomly draw out one state or your division leader may choose to assign you one. Your mission will last for approximately one week and consists of three main parts.

General Requirements Things you should do to get started.
Mission Part I Data analysis - Looking for patterns in your state.
Mission Part II Detailed study of an endangered species.
Show Your Stuff Decide on a way to show what you have learned.

General Requirements

Create a secret "Endangered Species Journal" in a binder and/or on your own computer disk or network directory.
Search the Internet and other resources for information on Endangered Animals in your teamís assigned state.
The Resources section of this lesson will help connect you to some good Internet sites and materials.
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