SP.7.1 - Light enables us to see, but light is not something which we can see or touch.

SP.7.2 - Light has different intensity and brightness, and it passes more readily through some materials than through others.

SP.7.3 - We can see only if there is light present.


SI.7.1 - Light is a way that energy is transferred from the source that emits the light to the object or substance that absorbs it.

SI.7.2 - Objects transmit, may bend, absorb and/or reflect light thatstrikes them.

SI.7.3 - What we see as white light consists of light of many colors mixed together.


SJ.7.1 - Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation; visible light is distinguished from other forms by its particular range of wavelengths.

SJ.7.2 - The speed of light is very much greater than the speeds of other familiar things.

SJ.7.3 - Energy is transferred from the source of light to the substance that absorbs the light, and then converted to other energy forms.


SH.7.1 - To best understand how light is emitted and absorbed we use the photon model; when speaking of propagation, light is best understood in terms of waves.

SH.7.2 - The speed of light in a vacuum is exactly the same for allobservers.

SH.7.3 - Information carried in light waves has many technological applications.