SP.6.1 - Electric and magnetic forces can act over a distance without the objects having to touch.

SP.6.2 - Electricity and magnetism have many important uses.


SI.6.1 - Magnetism and electricity are related, but they are not the same thing.

SI.6.2 - Current electricity is used to transport energy.


SJ.6.1 - An electric current can produce magnetic forces and magnets can in turn cause electric currents (The positive and negative electricalcharges of elementary particles in all matter allow electrons to flow).

SJ.6.2 - Electromagnets are important components in many industrial and technological applications.


SH.6.1 - The properties of electrical charge are central to the explanations for the behavior of atoms, magnetism, electricity, and emissions of electromagnetic forms of energy.

SH.6.2 - Electronics is a technology that utilizes the properties ofelectricity and magnetism as a basis for many important industries.

SH.6.3 - Superconductors make important contributions to technological applications.