SP.2.1 - Two substances can interact to form new substances with different observable properties.

SP.2.2 - Change in any substance is affected (and often affects) itssurroundings.


SI.2.1 - The amount of matter present before and after reactions remains the same

SI.2.2 - Different measurable conditions (time, temperature, mass, volume, etc) affect the rate and type of changes which occur in matter.


SJ.2.1 - All chemical reactions follow the same basic principles ofconservation and type.

SJ.2.2 - The ability of substances to gain or lose electrons in chemical reactions is related to the basic electrical structure of the substance.


SH.2.1 - Constancy of mass, energy and electric charge governs all types of change in substances and chemical reactions.

SH.2.2 - The more molecules that are present and the more rapidly they are moving increases the probability that they will collide with sufficient energy to undergo changes.