SP.8.1 - Sound comes from many sources, but can always be traced to avibrating object.

SP.8.2 - The ear is the human organ of the body that receives sound.

SP.8.3 - Recognizing the source and understanding the meaning of sounds from our environment is very important in our interaction with it.


SI.8.1 - Sound, whether vibrating rapidly or more slowly, travels through materials in straight lines; some sound may be reflect and/or absorbedby objects it strikes.

SI.8.2 - Sounds are made or heard through structures sensitive to the wave nature of sound.

SI.8.3 - Detecting sounds of different frequencies and stereophonic hearing are adaptations for locating sound, navigation, and hunting.


SJ.8.1 - Sound is a mechanical wave in matter and the properties of wave

motion affect pitch.

SJ.8.2 - Sound is the product of physical vibrations.

SJ.8.3 - Musical tones are sounds having a fundamental frequency component.


SH.8.1 - Sound waves travel through different materials at different speeds

SH.8.2 - Animals have adapted to the presence of different frequencies; humans find sound has technological applications as well.