SP.4.1 - Energy comes in different forms, each with unique characteristics, and can be used to do work and to make changes in matter.

SP.4.2 - Energy is used to do mechanical work; the ultimate source of most of earth's energy is the sun.


SI.4.1 - Energy can be converted from one form to another.

SI.4.2 - The transfer of energy is necessary for change to occur in matter.


SJ.4.1 - When systems interact, energy is often transferred from one system to another.

SJ.4.2 - There are fundamentally two different types of energy related to the ways in which systems change: they either change position or arrangements of their parts (potential energy) or the parts move faster or slower (kinetic energy).

SJ.4.3 - All energy conversion processes include a variety of effects.


SH.4.1 - Chemical energy is the electrical potential energy associated with the configuration of electrons in molecules.

SH.4.2 - Electromagnetic energy is used in many ways.