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Links to Lesson Plans and Activity Resources

Lessons and Resources from Eisenhower Clearinghouse
Links to over forty sites that have collections of K-12 lessons or activities.

Micro-Units for Grades 9-12 Science
Teacher and student lesson/units from the National Science Foundation.
Must use Adobe Acrobat Reader to download. (available at site)

Science Lesson Plans for K-7 (Canada)
A collection of lesson plans from the British Colombia Ministry of Education. Organized by grade level and science content areas similar to California's Science Framework.

Earth and Space Science Lessons
Teacher developed science lessons from U.C. Berkeley.

Curriculum Resources and Activities (University of Michigan)
A rich resource for K-12 lesson plans and activities.

Frank Potter's Science Gems
Links to Science Sites and lessons by grade level & topic.

Kathy Schrock's Resource Guide for Teachers
A popular list of resources including science lesson plans.

The Ozone Layer: Graphing Activity
On line lesson plan for upper grade students. Includes links to help students collect images and offers directions about graphing data on ozone depletion.

Space Exploration Teaching Unit
A lot of on-line sites and student lessons are integrated into this unit.

Solar System Jigsaw Activity
An activity within the Space Exploration Teaching Unit.

Space Colony Jigsaw
An activity within the Space Exploration Teaching Unit.