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The KAPILI GARDENS! A place to come and relax. The Sun is in the sky, there are cool tropical breezes and everyday is a good day to stroll through the gardens. Hit the Kapili zoo or botanical gardens. The world is only steps away.

AQUATIC GARDENS! AquaticSpot is the virtual aquarium on Kapili. Look into the depths of oceans, lake and rivers and discover new and unique life forms.

BOTANICAL GARDENS! PlantSpot is your Botanical Gardens on Kapili. You can learn about plants from all over the world. Take a time out and smell the roses.

GEOGRAPHIC GARDENS! Kind of. We've built the Geography learning center for the Kapili Islands. Terrarum expanded into a visual reference of biomes and natural things you will encounter in nature. It's TERRARUM:2!

ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS! ZooSpot is the virtual zoo of the Kapili Islands. We have over dozens species for you to see and small facts for each one. Find the animal of your choice the using the geographical, alpha or kingdom search engines.

SPOTSEARCH! Want the fast way to see things? Use the SpotSearch Engine. This specialized search engine will search through the Kapili Gardens for just the right answer. If it isn't here, drop us an e-mail and make a suggestion.

GLOSSARY! We use some terms in the gardens which you might seem unfamiliar. Check out the glossary for a quick definition or link to all of the things you can find in the Kapili Gardens.

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