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The KAPILI INFORMATION COMPLEX! Are you lost? Looking for a shortcut to one of the Kapili areas? This is the place with the answers. Our helpful staff will try and answer your questions and make your stay on the islands more enjoyable. Just look for the folks with the blue shirts. Our guest services staff is here for you.

SEARCH! If you want the fastest route and don't know where to turn, try our computerized search service. Just enter the word you are looking for and we'll give you a list of answers.

SITE MAP! Fold it up and stuff it in your back pocket. The Map to Kapili is here and will take you directly to the place you want to be. It also helps you explore new sections of the islands.

HELP! Sometimes you need a sign to explain what to do. Here's a little information which will make your stay on the Kapili more enjoyable.

MAIL LIST! If you like it here, send us your information. When we finish construction of new sections, we'll send you a round trip ticket which will take you to the hot new facilities.

EMAIL! Everyone on the planet has an email address. Kapili is no different. Drop us an email with a suggestion for the islands. We'll see what we can do to make your next trip more enjoyable.

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