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The KAPILI TECHNOLOGY CAMPUS! The high-tech facilities for the islands. The Campus (as it is known on the islands) is our computer hub. If it has to do with computers or electronics, you'll find it here. They also deal with the tomorrow technology for Kapili, scouring the planet for new inventions and 21st century ideas.

HTML! We created HyperSpeak. It's a handy reference for making your own web pages. Soon you'll see the home pages for everyone on Kapili, They learned HTML from our Campus staff and now they don't need no stinkin' page editors.

BASIC! Long before HTML there was "BASIC". It was one of the first programming languages taught in schools. Our tech guys reminisce with BasicSpeak and talk about the computer language BASIC.

GLOSSARY! You can't be expected to be an expert on every term in the dictionary. If the Campus guys use a term you aren't familiar with, look it up.

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