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The KAPILI RESEARCH LABS! Top scientists from around the world meet here to exchange ideas and conduct ground breaking research. But to enter these advanced labs, you must have a knowledge of all sciences. Here they offer a "smattering" of scientific information for you to consider.

ASTRONOMY! Rader's Interactive Space Exploration Center (RISEC) offers you a brief introduction into the organization of the universe. You will find images and information on the universe, galaxies, stars, the solar system and our history of space exploration.

BIOLOGY! Biology4Kids introduces you to the basics of Biology. Narrowing down the possibilities, it covers Cells, Biochemistry, Scientific Studies and Ecology.

CHEMISTRY! The origin of everything, Chem4Kids has all sorts of Chemistry knowledge for you. It has information on Matter, Atoms, Elements, Reactions and Math.

GEOGRAPHY! It's not maps, its the world of Physical Geography. Terrarum introduces the basics of the Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Energy and Climates.

PHYSICS! Love makes the world go round? Not in Physics4Kids. In this section you'll find information on Motion, Heat, Light, Electricity and Modern Physics.

ACTIVITIES! Bored with the facts? Well try out some quizzes for the different sciences. We also have a little background on the major pioneers from the world of science.

GLOSSARY! Confused? Look it up. If you see a term you don't understand, check out the Glossary and we should have a short explanation. If we don't have it, email the lab technician and they will add it to the list. What else do they have to do?

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