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Name Cerium Symbol Ce
atomic number 58 Atomic weight 140.12
Density @ 293 K 6.78 g/cm3 Atomic volume 20.67 cm3/mol
Group Rare Earth, Lanthanide series discovered 1803


state (s, l, g) s
melting point 1071.2 K boiling point 3743 K
Heat of fusion 5.460 kJ/mol Heat of vaporization 414.0 kJ/mol
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1st ionization energy 527.4 kJ/mole electronegativity 1.12
2nd ionization energy 1047 kJ/mole electron affinity 50 kJ/mole
3rd ionization energy 1949 kJ/mole Specific heat 0.19 J/gK
heat atomization 419 kJ/mole atoms

Oxidation & Electrons

Shells 2,8,18,20,8,2 electron configuration [Xe] 4f2 6s2
minimum oxidation number 0 maximum oxidation number 4
min. common oxidation no. 0 max. common oxidation no. 4
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Appearance & Characteristics

structure fcc: face-centered cubic color silvery-white
uses self-cleaning ovens(CeO2) toxicity
hardness mohs characteristics malleable


reaction with air vigorous, w/ht = CeO2 reaction with 6M HCl vigorous, = H2, CeCl3
reaction with 6M HCl vigorous, = H2, CeCl3 reaction with 15M HNO3 mild, = Ce(NO3)3
reaction with 6M NaOH
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Other Forms

number of isotopes 4 hydride(s) CeH2 CeH3
oxide(s) Ce2O3 CeO2 chloride(s) CeCl3


ionic radius (2- ion) pm ionic radius (1- ion) pm
atomic radius 182 pm ionic radius (1+ ion) pm
ionic radius (2+ ion) pm ionic radius (3+ ion) 115 pm
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thermal conductivity 11.3 J/m-sec-deg electrical conductivity 13.333 1/mohm-cm
polarizability 29.6 A^3


source Monazite(phosphate),bastnaesite rel. abund. solar system 0.055 log
abundance earth's crust 1.8 log cost, pure 57 $/100g
cost, bulk $/100g
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