November 28, 1998 - Updated table html of element pages.

Most of the information for this web page was taken from the from Cabrol, D.; Moore, J. W.; Rittenhouse, R. C. J. Chem. Educ.: Software, Special Issue 2, 1992 (KC? Discoverer) and Schatz, P. F.; Moore, J. W.; Holmes, J. L.; Kotz, J. C. J. Chem. Educ.: Software Vol. 2D, No. 2, 1994 (Illustrated Periodic Table). Additionally, the Perkin-Elmer Periodic Table v2.02g was used for Atomic mass, density, volume, group, heat of fusion, heat of vaporization, specific heat, and shells. And I never leave home without my pocket Papertech Chemical Periodic Table.

I'd like to thank Lee Marek (, WEIRD SCIENCE, for helping out with this page, Peter Lykos of IIT for sending me the Perkin-Elmer software, John W. Moore of University of Wisconsin-Madison, and everybody else who put in their opinions in.

I also would like to implement a search feature as well as putting more links in the data pages. I will try to add some multimedia demo stuff, too. I should be able to add some info about the history of the elements. Please remember that I am taking classes right now, and I probably won't get to work on the site much.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I probably made some errors entering data.

David Hsu