Focus Questions

You and your partners must use the internet to find answers to all of these questions relating to the Love Canal catastrophe. You must present your answers in a word processed document. Use your resource page for help, or conduct a net search.


1. Why is it called "Love Canal"?

2. What chemical company was responsible for the hazardous waste?

3. What is benzene? Why is it a problem?

4. What has been the impact of this "mess" on the Niagara River?

5. What is a teratogen?

6. What is a birth defect? What impact can the contamination have on first and second generation birth defects?

7. How much waste was dumped?

8. What types of waste were dumped?

9. When was Hooker operating at Love Canal?

10. Who started the dumping?

11. How were the waste materials dumped?

12. What is a swale?

13. How big was the canal?


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