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You may find some of these links helpful in researching the controversy of Love Canal. However, do not feel limited to just these sites. Net searches could be done which investigate key words and phrases like:

Love Canal

hazardous waste

chemical waste

toxic landfill

birth defects




The Story of Love Canal:

General Information on Love Canal, personal web site

University of Buffalo, NY archives of Love Canal artifacts

University of Buffalo, NY archives of Love Canal artifacts (different from above)

General information on Love Canal, college professor's site

The Center for Health, Environment and Justice site related to Love Canal

Former resident of Love Canal is now a consumer safety advocate

Former resident has more information on the outcomes of Love Canal

EPA Superfund site for kids on Love Canal (



Environmental Law Journal: Love Canal Case Studies

Factual background as presented in court by New York State


Health impacts of chemical exposure:

Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (

search hazardous chemicals (

search hazardous chemicals/National Library of Medicine (

birth defects (

birth defects (

general health information (


Government Agencies:

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (

NY State Department of Health, Lab of Human Toxicology (

NY Governor's Press Release (

EPA and Superfund (

EPA wetlands information (

US Department of Justice (


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