Aptos High School Global Health Odyssey
Health Professionals Use Math for Problem Solving


Medical Lab Technician 8.

Concentrations of many lab materials used to be measured in milligrams per 100 milliliters.

If one gram per liters = 1 part per 1000

Then one gram per 100 milliliters = 1 part in 100

And therefore, one milligram/100 milliliters = 1 part per 100,000

Nowadays, materials are measured in millimoles per liter. A mole translates the number of molecules of a substance into grams.

The conversion factor is 6.02 x 1023 to get from atomic mass units, or daltons, to standard mass units, or grams.

  • To convert the old units of milligrams/100 ml to millimoles (mM)/ liter,
  • First multiply the value in mg/100ml by 10 to get to liters,
  • Then divide by the molecular weight of the substance
  • If a calcium solution has a molecular weight of 40, convert a solution at 12mg/100ml to mM/liter.

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