Aptos High School Global Health Odyssey
Health Professionals Use Math for Problem Solving

Oceanographer 1.

Oceanographers use a quantity known as shoreline development (D) to describe bodies of water. Developers like lakes and other shoreline areas with a lot of shore (perimeter)  for building. Shoreline development measures how closely a body of water resembles a circle, and is given by the formula

in which L = the length of the shoreline
               A = the area of the body of water

In a perfect circle, D=1.  A lake with a perimeter twice what a perfect circle would suggest, D =2
In a lake with lots of curves, coves, and inlets, D can be 5 or higher.
The higher the D value, the more perimeter per area for building.

Find D for a lake with an area of 1,542,600 square meters and a shoreline length of 5600 meters.
Round to the nearest hundredth.

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