Aptos High School Global Health Odyssey
Health Professionals Use Math for Problem Solving

Pharmacist 2.

Glycerine is a syrupy liquid at room temperature which is used as the base for many medicines.  Substances like glycerine are often ordered in units of volume (cc) , but are measured by weight (grams).
Converting these two values is important, and pretty easy!

Remember,                         Density= Weight/Volume
So,                   Volume x (Density) = Volume x (Weight/Volume)
                        Volume x (Density) = Volume x (Weight/Volume)
Or,                    Volume x Density   = Weight
And,                 Volume x Density / Density  = Weight /Density
                         Volume x Density / Density  = Weight /Density
Therefore,        Volume = Weight / Density

With a little practice, you can learn to move equations around easily.

If glycerine has a density of 1.25 grams/cc, find the weight in grams for a 45 cc order of glycerine.

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