A Division of Biochange, Unlimited

What to do

The Task:
You need to invent a genetically engineered product and then summarize all of your findings in a report yo Dr. Bluegenes.

*What organism are you going to genetically alter?
*What effect will the alteration have on this organism?
*What gene/trait will you have to alter?
* What will this alter the animal's life systems?
*Will you need to alter the organism's habitat?\
*Will the organism alter it's natural habitat because of this alteration?
*What will be the new name of the the organism? Will it still be in the same Kingdom, Phylum, Etc.?
*How will the product be manufactured?
*How will the genetically engineered organism effect  the production?
*How will the genetically engineered organism effect  the world's environment?
*What are the ethical pros and cons of this experiment?
*Will this product be profitable?
*Who is the target customers?

The easiest way to be sure you answer all these questions is to copy this list to a word processing program and check off the answers as a group before you make your presentation to Dr. Bluegenes.

The Process (What do you do first?)

Here  are some of the steps  you can follow:
1. Brainstorm with your group and decide what organism you will alter and what your product will be.
2. Research the organism's  genetic structure you'll know what gene to change.
3. Research the organism's physical and anatomical Structure and it's current habtitat.
4. Research  how your genetic alteration you propose will change the organism's genetic makeup,
                physical and anatomical structure.
5. Research  how the product will be produced by your organism.How will it be collected? Distributed?
6. Research how the altered organism will effect the environment. Will there be waste or other
                biproducts? How will you handle them?
7. Research the ethics of the alteration of this organism - will government  approval be needed?  Will
                there be any public outcry? (This could lead to poor public relations! )
8. Will the product make money?  Will it be financially profitable after Mutantmakers pays for all the
                research and development and begins production?  Will Mutant makers sell enough to make
                all that money back?

To produce a superior report , you need to be VERY complete and throughout with your information. Make sure you answer all the questions and cover all the points needed in the reports. . Drawings and  graphs are very helpful in making your ideas clear. You may want to introduce your product in a video, present your logo/motto as a song, or demonstrate your marketing strategies as arole-playing scenario.  Be creative, but be sure you cover all the information!

If you need help with writing your paper, click here or here
Project overview
Report Intro/conclusion
Sales Brochure
Advisory Committee
Science Report
Ethics Report
Environmental Report
Legal Report
Business Report


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