The International Enquirer just released this dispatch: "Another huge earthquake in Japan at 0756 GMT. Complete obliteration of the Japanese Islands as we know them has started. It can be expected that within a few thousands of years, Japan will disappear under the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese people should start finding another place to live."

Panic is widespread in Japan after this dispatch. Stocks are crumbling down; people leaving the country jam airports. In other parts of the world, particulary those that are prone to earthquakes, panic spreads. The Japanese government, in a press release, urges the population to calm down and announces that they will hire a team of scientists to investigate the International Enquirer claims. The governments of California, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia also decide to hire their own teams of scientists to investigate these claims.

YOU have been hired by the one of these governments to be part of a team. Not only must you confirm or disprove the Enquirer's allegations, but you also have to explain to the concerned population the mechanisms leading to the possible destruction of their homeland.
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