Quest for Life in Space

NOTE: Read this newspaper clipping and the following problems and your assignment.  The Specialist roles and salaries are available on the main page.  

R o b o t s   S e n t   t o   E x p l o r e   O u r
P l a n e t s   a n d   D e e p   S p a c e
Associated Planet News, Oct. 1998

Editorial: Catherine Aardum, editor 

Space exploration is off again as an International team has decided to send robots, called Aardvarks, into space. Yes, it is hoped that these unmanned flights into our Solar System and beyond will bring back information on suitable places in space that mankind can explore and colonize. Maybe other forms of life will be discovered as our Aardvark goes beyond our Solar System and deep into space. 

Is it possible that tests conducted on planets will find a suitable place for mankind to live, and a place where different forms of our world can coexist? What conditions are necessary for life to exist? These are the questions that face scientists and others who are concerned about the environmental changes, food shortages and over-population of our earth. What, if any, life forms will be found on the planets of our Solar System and deep in space in those far off galaxies? 

Why would an International exploration team send a (robot) into space? This correspondent wishes all the best to those involved in this scientific exploration. The World Life Studies Federation is watching with expectation as it seeks life beyond Earth. 

The Problem:
  • Is it likely that humans and animals will be able to live on other planets and in deep space?
  • What problems will they come upon? Will adaptation be necessary?
  • How has man traveled in space or viewed space events? What is the future of man in space?
  • Would robots do a better job? What are the advantages?
  • What life forms might we find in outer space?

  • What atmosphere would alien forms live in and what would that planet environment look like?
      Your Role: 

Pick a role on an Interplanetary Life Force Team. Work in small groups to research and solve the issues of life adaptations and habitats beyond Earth by first, investigating selected life forms and their environments on Earth. Search the planets of our Solar System looking for information to answer your questions.  And prepare a presentation for the Federation.