Quest for Life in Space
Task Roles and Assignments

Your task is to work in teams to gather, organize, analyze, and summarize information and images you find, using a variety of resources about "life in space and related topics". You are assisting the World Life Studies Federation with collection of data and evaluation of the possibility of human kind and other species existing beyond our Earth. Your presentation must be ready before the World Life Studies Federation completes its' preparations to send the Aardvark robot into space for further exploration.   Your information is vital to their planning of the direction for this and other future explorations. You will be selecting a job description and the research duties associated with this job.  But first, you will all learn more about Earth and all the other planets of our Solar System. 
Besides your assignments, you must first go to the site below to collect information about each planet and create a table on the following:  
1. Temperature                                             5. Spacecraft mission visits (if relevant) 
2. Distance from the sun                               6. Mythological significance  (what its name means) 
3. Diameter                                                  7. Number of moons 
4. Density                                                     8. Geological features such as craters, mountains, rings, 
                                                                     deserts and so onů 

 Go to these sites to gather information. URL: 
Also use the video "The Planets", the laser disc "Understanding Earth", and books from the resource list. 

On completion of the information gathering on the Solar System, it is now time to locate your roles and assignment and begin accessing information, and collecting information and images.