Notes to teachers:

Content Standards that will be addressed:
Science Grade 6:  Students will conduct an investigation about planets, sun, moons, and stars in our Solar System, describing the physical characteristics of these places and evaluating the environments.  Students will propose a hypothesis to explain from collected evidence.

Language Arts Grade:  Students will identify and use the structural features of, as well as differences among different resources to gain meaning from text.  Students will choose the form of writing that best suits the intended purpose  (review, report, narrative).  Students will develop the topic with supportive details  And use organizational features of electronic text (keyword searches) to locate information.  they will revise writing to improve organization and consistency of ideas.  Students will write research reports that pose relevant questions, support the main idea with facts, details, and examples as well as write a persuasive composition that states a clear position, in support of a proposition or proposal, with organized and relevant evidence.

Information Literacy Standards:  The student who is information literate accesses efficiently and effectively, evaluates critically  and competently, and uses effectively and creatively all information, as determined by the literacy standard indicators for all three standards.  (American Library Association, 1998)

Reflection: This project could easily take 5 weeks to conduct, or more.  Math, art and social science can also be included.  Research skills, language arts and science are the focuses.