"The Lives of Famous Scientists"
("A Gallery of Great Achievements in Science")

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Sharing Web-Authored Portfolios in Science


Science Teacher Jay Klopfenstein 

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           (Complete your research report following the format as follows)      

Template for Student Report After School "Extra Credit" Research Report

Assignment Rubric

1. This project will involve you going onto the "World Wide Web" to collect information about a specific scientist/inventor to share with others in your class.  

2. Each of you at your own workstation will have an assigned class period on the disk to save and share information about each others research. 

3. You will use specific sites and search engines (ie. WWW Virtual Libary, Yahoo and Alta Vista) to locate information about your famous scientist/inventor .  

4. You can copy and paste information from your AOLpress Browser WYSIWYG editor right into your student research report page. This browser/editor is placed on the school server and the workstation hard-drive where you are seated. You can print a copy of your research report to place in your portfolio folder back in the classroom. We will exchange copies in class with one another to evaluate what we have done on this assignment.

5. Further research will take place on the Web in the WWW Virtual Libary and in our own School Library on this series of portfolio assignments titled "A Gallery of Great Achievements in Science".  

6. The class that you are assigned to is placed back on the homepage.  Return to the homepage and click into your class period for placement of your name and research work.   

7. We will share your work by exchanging printed copies of your reports with fellow classmates. Copies that the class ranks as the best of show can be placed into "A Gallery of Great Achievements in Science" binder in the school library. You can also volunteer to present an oral report to the class with hard copy transparencies of your work or using this disk (or a copy of it) with an LCD panel and overhead projector so the class can see your work. With this assignment "A Gallery of Great Achievements in Science" can go up on our "School Website" giving recognition to students who have excelled with this assignment.

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