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 The Lives of Famous Scientists/Mathematicians


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Biographical Dictionary of Famous Scientists and Mathematicians

Student Name: Diana Chong - 8th Grade - Valley Jr. High

Teacher:  Mr. Klopfenstein

Science - Room D-6

Valley Junior High School

Carlsbad, California

Scientist/Inventor's Name: Alexander Graham Bell


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Dates of Birth/Death: Alexander Graham Bell was born on 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He died in Baddeck, Nova Scotia on August 2, 1922.   

Describe the inventor's early life: Bell was born in 1847 to a loving family who suppported him. He had two brothers, but they died of tuberculosis. Bell was interested in speech and deafness, and had a mother who was deaf. His father was a voice and speech teacher and Bell followed in his footsteps.  

Describe the inventor's education and career: Bell was educated in Edinburgh and moved to Boston to teach and lecture on speech.

What was the inventor's most important contribution: Alexander Graham Bell's most important contribution was the telephone. This invention has changed the lives of people all over the world. 

Explain what the inventor's most famous invention does: Bell's most famous invention is the telephone. This invention has changed the live of people all over the world. It helps people, from different places communicate with each other. Without this invention, I am sure that our world be alot different.

References Used: (URL Addresses/Books/Encyclopedia Pages) The URL's I used are at the Library of Congress.  I clicked into the above Biographical Dictionary of Famous Scientists and Inventors and scrolled midway down the link until I came to "Biographical Dictionary".  This link displayed a long list of scientists and mathematicians in an A-Z format.  I clicked into Bell, Alexander Graham at the Franklin Institute.  As you can see, this link provides alot of information and images on this famous scientist. I enjoyed the way we did this project.  I learned how to use the AOLpress WYSIWYG editor while I was working on my biographical research report at the WWW Virtual Library Website.     

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