Your mission is to learn about communications development in this planet and take the information back to your Home planet for evaluation by your superiors (teacher and class). Using your spaceship communication system, you are able to tie into the Earth's global comunications network: " The Web". 


In your first training task, you will do a couple of searches using your ship's access machine to make sure it works. Try accessing the following information to see if there is any evidence of communication or sound discoveries and studies on the planet. Use the control panels below to link to Earth and find out the following:

• Who made the first explorations on Earth with strings and vibrations in the year 1600?

• What was discovered by Robert Boyle in the year 1660?

• What were some of the earlier types of communications used in this planet?

• What other types of communications exist?

To keep a record for your superiors on the information you found , add a BOOKMARK to your computer ( by using the top menu bar of your screen, click and hold on BOOKMARK and then click on ADD)

or /and

use a science journal to record your answers from this first search.

Remember to use the BACK arrow at the top of your browser to return here to continue your training and your mission. You can also use the LINKS button from the HOME PAGE to continue your mission.

Try it! (go to timeline database1) (to Native American communications)

  (to timeline database 2) (to other communications) (to sound model)

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