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This Web site is dedicated to the study and investigation of unidentified flying objects, (i.e. flying saucers), alleged alien abductions, alleged alien implants, and the cover-up of UFO related information by world governments.

 If you are interested in these subjects, welcome. I hope you will find information here that will be to your liking. If you are not interested in this subject, you should be. What you don't know about this subject could be the most important information effecting your life.



The term UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, not necessarily a space craft from another world. By far in large the majority of UFO 's sighted are common objects that simply cannot be identified by the observer at the moment. Weather balloons, airplanes, birds, meteors, kites and many other relatively common objects have often been seen and mistaken for something else. 

This does not mean that all sightings can be explained by everyday things. A small percentage of sightings do not fit into the norms yet demonstrate a degree of intelligence behind their actions. These sightings are the ones that researchers look to as possible evidence of other world visitations. One such sighting occurred in West Colombia Texas. This event was witnessed by a number of individuals and was video taped. Analysis of the video demonstrates that the object was not a conventional aircraft, nor was it a bird or weather balloon. 



The image on the left is of an object surgically removed from an alleged abductee's foot. The object was first located on X-rays. In August on 1995 the subject was flown to California where the operation to remove it took place. 

Many individuals believe that implants are the alien's way of tracking human subjects, however, in our (SABER's) researching of over 250 alleged alien encounters, it appears that these devices may be more for monitoring these individuals physically then for tracking them. To date,SABER Enterprises, has obtained over a dozen objects alleged to have been implanted in subjects by aliens. Five of these objects have been removed surgically by a team of surgeons cooperating with SABER Enterprises. The surgical removal of these objects was video taped. For more information on these implants press Saber Implants. Information of the analysis thus far on these implants can be found at this Site.




If you have any interest in UFOlogy then no doubt you already know about the alleged UFO crash outside Roswell N.M. in July of 1947. The army air base in Roswell immediately gave a press release. the ROSWELL DAILY RECORD headline on July 8, 1947 read "RAAF CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER ON RANCH IN ROSWELL REGION." The next day, however, after the project was turned over to Brigadier General Ramey, a new story was released to the press. The new story stated that the object was a crashed weather balloon, and one Major Jesse Marcel was ordered to pose with fragments of a weather balloon which were substituted for the actual recovered crash items. 

Today debates still rage as to the exact reality of the Roswell crash. Perhaps the best evidence lies in the testimonies of military officers involved with the recovery and cover-up of the crashed UFO. 


Major Jesse Marcel

Major Jesse Marcel (deceased). In a Video taped interview of Major Marcel prior to his death, Jesse stated that the material recovered at the Roswell crash was not the same material that he had displayed in the second news release by the army. Major Marcel also stated that he had been ordered to participate in the cover-up of the crashed saucer. 

Master Sergeant Frank Kauffman

Master Sergeant Kauffman, has stated publicly in interviews on several TV shows that he was involved in the removal of the bodies of the dead aliens and the recovery on the crash debris. 

1st Lieutenant Walter Haut

Lieutenant Haut has also publicly provided information regarding his orders to first release the information of the crash and then of how he contacted by officials in Washington and told to retract the story and cover-up details. 

Brigadier General Thomas Dubose

General Dubose (deceased) who at the time of the Roswell incident was a colonel. Shortly before his death, the then retired Brigadier general Dubose made a video in the presence of family members where he described his part in the cover-up of the events at Roswell in 1947. Portions of this video have been shown on several TV shows. 

The testimonies of these men, who had nothing personal to gain by their coming forth, represent compelling evidence that requires most serious consideration by anyone in search of the truth. 

To see news articles written about the Roswell crash click on this link. 



After an encounter in 1989 that left me with 3 hours of missing time, and another encounter in 1992 where a second party witnessed my abduction by strange entities, I have been actively engaged in investigation of this phenomena. On the left is a picture of the cover of UFO Magazine which featured an article I wrote detailing a mass abduction event that occurred in Houston in December of 1992. 

There are many misconceptions about individuals alleging abductions by aliens. The first is that they are fanatical UFO buffs. This is generally false. Out of over 250 cases that SABER Enterprise's investigators are working less than 10% of these subjects attend UFO meetings or show any interest in the subject beyond trying to find out what has happened to them and why. Many are more than willing to accept (and even wish) that the phenomena might be some hitherto unknown mental illness or aberration. It would be a relief for many to find it a mental illness because mental illnesses can be treated. It is the alternative, that the events MIGHT be real that they find frightening. Eye witness's to their abductions, and mass abductions where several individuals are taken at the same time and who remember and relate the same events, support the claim that these events are very real. 

Abduction events are not pleasant. The aliens communicate very little, if at all, with the subjects. Fear and pain dominate most abductions with the subjects being probed and prodded with needles and other invasive procedures. Many of the procedures seem to focus on the reproductive system of the human species. However, in investigating these cases it is becoming more apparent that a lot of mental testing is also taking place. Studies of how we process information, our reactions to different situations, fear, love, witnessing others in pain, threats, etc. all seem to be part of these events as well. The procedure leaves most abductee's claiming that they feel like "lab rats." 

In order to relate to the general public just what this experience is really like I have written a book entitled ëPUPPETS IN THE NIGHT." This book relates my own experiences and thoughts about them. Hopefully will be published before the end of 1996.


Other Articles I have written or that I am quoted in;
"Alien Abduction and Mind Control," by Dale Musser
"Aliens do their own debunking," by Dale C. Musser
"Missing Mars Observer, Accident or Something Else?" by Dale C. Musser
"The Aviary, the Aquarium, and Eschatology," by Vince Johnson {link to another site}


The Houston UFO Network, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that meets once a month to discuss and hear presentations on various areas of the UFO phenomena. Topics include;


    Crop Circles

     UFO Sightings

     Cattle Mutilations

     Abductions & Contacts

     Government Cover-ups

     Under Ground Bases

     Alien Implants


Speakers from outside HUFON are brought in whenever possible to make presentations. In the past some of our speakers have been STANTON FRIEDMAN Ph.D., MICHAEL LINDEMANN, KARLA TURNER Ph.D.., CHRISTOPHER O'BRIEN, BILL HAMILTON, MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN Ph.D., and JOHN SCHUSSLER, as well as many others. HUFON meetings are held on the Second Saturday of every month, except when a holiday occurs on or near that date. On those occasions the meetings are moved to another date announced in the newsletter or on the HUFON hot line. Meeting times are at 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn 7787 Katy Freeway. I-10 just outside Loop 610, Antoine exit. Meetings are open to the general public. Cost of admission varies based on the speaker but generally ranges between $7 and $15. For more information on HUFON or to find the name of the upcoming speaker you may call (713) 597-2834 or you can press here to go to the HUFON Web Site. 

The MJ-12 papers are documents that are alleged to be "Above Top Secret" documents concerning the organization of an elite group within the U.S. government for the purpose of dealing with the Roswell crashed alien craft, the alien entities, and future contacts. In 1984 this document was mysteriously sent by an anonymous source to Jamie Shandera, a producer in California, who was working with Bill Moore. Bill was also working with physicist Stanton Friedman trying to uncover the secrets held by the government concerning UFO's. These men have done extensive research into this document and to date the validity of the document has neither been proved valid or false. 

The United States Air force has since declassified the document stating that it "is not an official Air Force document." This is a significant statement in that it does not deny the possibility that the document is a real government document belonging to other governmental branches. They only disclaim Air Force origin to the document. It is also interesting in light of the fact that at the time of the Roswell crash the Air Force did not officially exist. It was then the Army Air Corps, indicating that the document might belong to the Army rather than the Air Force.. Stanton Friedman claims to have recently uncovered new documents through the Freedom of Information Act that reference MJ-12, thus adding to the possible validity to this document. 

It is significant that the Air Force DID declassify this document. One must wonder why they would declassify a document that the government seems to imply is not legitimate. If the document truly were a fraud there would be no reason to declassify it. 

If you are interested in learning more about MJ-12 I recommend you read "ABOVE TOP SECRET" by Timothy Good. In this book you will find copies of the MJ-12 papers as well as many other documents that illustrate the nature and level of cover-up of the UFO phenomena. For a link to a place where you can see the MJ-12 papers click here

SABER ENTERPRISES, is an organization established in the early part of the 1990's by Derrel Sims for the purpose of studying the UFO phenomena, specifically as related to alleged alien abduction cases. Many people are of the misconception that SABER is a part of HUFON. This is not correct. SABER is an independent organization from HUFON, though many of the associates on SABER are HUFON members. SABER does report most of it's findings to HUFON because of it's familiarity with this organization, however SABER also reports it findings at numerous conferences and to other UFO groups around the world. 

Mr. Sims is also known as Alien Hunter to a number of people in the UFO community. This title came about during a radio interview and Derrel like it and the term has stuck. A small number of individuals in the UFO community fail to see Derrel's sense of humor in this title and find it offensive, however, in as much as Derrel does not do things to satisfy the opinions of others the title sticks. 

In the summer of 1992 I joined SABER and began working with Derrel as his senior investigator. Since that time I have investigated approximately fifty cases as well as assisting Derrel with some of his cases. 

In the summer of 1995 SABER pioneered investigations into alleged alien implants when they flew two subjects from Texas to California for the removal of two alleged implants. This procedure was repeated again in the spring of 1996 with three other subjects. Currently these objects are being examined by several scientists and it is hoped that results will be forth coming before the end of summer 1996. 


Dale Picture
Well here I am. Fifty 54 years old, six foot three and two hundred and eight pounds of romp-n-stomp'n protoplasm. You may have seen or heard me on TV or radio. I have appeared on numerious shows, including GOOD MORNING AMERICA, SIGHTINGS, and others. As you can see I'm in my study, seated in front of my computer, fondly referred to as the "Black Hole" by my wife. She believes that one day this thing will suck me in and I'll be gone forever. 

Behind me on the wall you can see my good buddy "Albert". He sort of keeps me in line. Every time I think things are getting out of hand he reminds me that it's all "Relative". 

Since 1992 I've actively engaged myself in researching alleged alien abduction cases. As senior abduction investigator with SABER, working with Derrel Sims and other researchers, and as a member of HUFON I have come to realize that there is more depth to this subject then the general public suspects. Where, and what the truth is remains unknown. But daily we draw closer to the truth in the hopes that one day it will be known to all. 

Currently I am employed as a marine designer with a naval architectural firm . I have worked in this field for over 30 years. However, if the book I have just written sells, it is my hope to become a full time writer. Besides chasing after UFO's, I also enjoy camping, classical music, gourmet cooking, and writing poetry. My poems can be accessed by clicking on this line 

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