NOTE: Highlighted keywords are hyper linked to websites that can provide additional information about the keyword activity. 

  1. Your instructor will take you to visit the site in question.On this first visit you will complete a rough scale drawing of the site.› Suggested steps are: 
  2. You will draw to scale as dictated by size of paper and include a scale indicator in lower left corner.Color code for component types, and create legend in lower right corner.››
  3. Your group will be assigned a specific cycle (water, energy, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen) to explore in your discovery period. You may need to take several trips to the site to observe and gather details.Your teacher will arrange these as group trips, although you may have to spend some time after school. After learning about your cycle at, make sure all the important components of your cycle are on the map.Then create a graphic explanation (using presentation software if available such as PowerPoint or Hyperstudio)  of how your group thinks the cycle is working in the area in question.Create front views from all angles necessary to show the cycle in action.
  4. From a hypothesis regarding how the new construction will effect your cycle in this area and include this information in your presentation.
  5. Explain and demonstrate to the class how the your cycle is working in this area and explain your conclusions as to the effect new construction will have on this cycle.

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