Following are suggested content based technology resources:


Digital Trip to the Wetlands (Grades 6-12)  published by Digital Frog International  

This program provided a digital field trip to the wetlands. Includes presentation component to enable students to create their own presentation using photos, graphics, and information provided by program.

Earth's Endangered Environments (Grades 4-9) published by National Geographic Society

This program is a picture show library designed to help students discover basic science concepts through multimedia presentations. (Rain Forests and Wetlands) Includes music, narration, and videos.


Beavers and How they live (Grades 6-12) published by AIMS Multimedia

Takes viewers inside beavers natural habitat to see them at work and play.

Ecosystems: Nature in balance (Grades 7-9) published by AIMS Multimedia

Shows what an ecosystem is and how it works.

Paul Parkranger and the mystery of the Disappearing Ducks (Grades 7-12) published by Coronet/MTI Film and Video

Explores biology concepts and ecological policy issues through the study of wetlands and migratory foul. 

Vanishing Wetlands (Grades 7-12) published by Bullfrog Films Inc.

Examines some of the threatened biological communities in the world and documents efforts to restore wetlands in rural and urban areas.

Water and the Human Spirit, programs 1 and 2 (Grades 7-12) published by Bullfrog Films Inc

Focus on water management; discusses the hydrologic cycle.

Wetlands Technology (Grades 10-12) published by Bullfrog Films Inc.

Explores the uses of wetlands to improve sewage treatment and water quality.

Where the Heron Finds its Home (Grades 7-12) published by Bullfrog Films Inc.

Examines how the history and plight of the Great Blue Heron is an indicator of the state of our wetlands.

Internet Resources:

America's Wetlands: Our Vital Link Between Land and Water - informational site from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

California Wetlands Information System
Gives an introduction to the ecosystem, with sections devoted to restoration projects and hunting permits.

Center for Wetlands, The
Search the database for research on wetlands topics, including information on wetlands' ecology, policy, and publications.

Endangered Species and Wetlands Report - monthly newsletter covering the Endangered Species Act, wetlands, and developments in Congress, the courts, and at federal regulatory agencies.

Environmental Protection Agency - Wetlands
Learn about the various types of wetlands throughout the US and what's being done to protect them. Includes an overview of laws and regulations.

Introduction to Wetlands
Wetlands are places where the land and water come together. Some people also call them swamps or marshes. Native American Indians called wetlands the "between-lands,"

National Wetlands Inventory Homepage
N.W.I. Overview NWI Products and Services Download Data Wetlands Interactive Mapper Map Status Hard Copy Maps Ask Doctor Wetland Branch of Habitat Assessment Ecology Section Educators Other Related Sites Reports and Publications U.S. Fish ..

Young Scientist's Introduction to Wetlands
Use Adobe Acrobat to view this illustrated publication that serves as a guide to the importance of wetlands.

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