Show Your Stuff!


Group Requirements

For this activity each group will be required to do the following:

Complete the Scavenger Hunt form.

Participate in the Public Hearing.

Prepare a two-page abstract of your group research and a graphic for presentation at the public hearing.

Individual Requirements

In addition to the group requirements, each person will be required to do the following.

Complete a project log for each day.

Complete a Group Evaluation at the conclusion of the project.

Select at least one of the activities from the list below to complete your requirements.

Acting as a newspaper reporter, write a story about the public hearing.  Be sure to answer the who, what, why, when, and where questions.
Acting as a newspaper reporter, write a fictional account of the RIFA infestation for an area near you.   Be sure to include the method of immigration, possible effects on the community, and possible initial steps for their eradication.
Acting as a parent of a student at the school, write a letter to the County Board of Supervisors in support or opposition to the plan of action determined at the public hearing.
Create an informational brochure that could be used in your community in the event of a local RIFA outbreak.
Contact local officials to determine how your community may respond to a RIFA infestation and write a report on your findings.


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