California State Standards  for Science

                             Grade 3

                         Physical Science

                           2. Light has a source and travels in a direction.
                                      b. light is reflected from mirrors and other surfaces
                                      d. we see objects when light traveling from an object enters our eye

                              Investigation and Experimentation

                                  5. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful
                                        a. repeat observations to improve accuracy
                                        d. predict the outcome of a simple investigation, and compare the result to the prediction.

Links to follow!!!

Optical Research Associates
Follow the "Optics For Kids" link which gives much information on light.

                                                                                                     Ask Jeeves
                                                    Students can enter question and receive location on Internet that
                                                                            gives information for answer.

Teacher Info!


Pictured are  the parts needed for students to construct a periscope.
They may come up with different looking items, but the concept of two
triangles with a reflective material, placed in opposite directions of each
other, and encased in a covering will produce the periscope.

Students need to gain the knowledge that it takes light to make reflection
happen.  That light will travel in a straight line unless interupted by a
solid object.


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