Review Commitee Member(s): Date:


Lesson Name:
Developer Name:

1. Lesson Sequence:

In what ways does the lesson follow the SCORE format?

What makes the lesson clear, complete and do-able?


2. Standards Alignment:

Does the connection between the lesson and standards align closely? YES NO

What content is clearly taught?

What investigation/experimentation processes are included?

Are there other standards which apply?

3. Grade/Developmental Appropriateness:

What makes this lesson appropriate for the student grade level and language level:


4. Resources:

Does the lesson embed a variety of useful resources to promote Information Literacy?

Embedded within text? In organized list of links?

Too few? Too many? Just right amount?

Which resources are used most effectively to support standards-based learning?

Can you suggest other academically sound resources that might be added?


5. Assessment:

Does the evaluation of the lesson clearly align to the standards which it addresses?

Rubric ideas and other suggestions:

6. Clarity:

What support would a new teacher need to do this lesson?