Hi! Try one of these HOT links to science activities:

Amazing Space

Amazing Space

Web-based activities for all to enjoy. Learn about stars, comets, planets, galaxies and other space objects.

Grades 3-12

Cells Alive

Cells Alive

View living cells in images and movies. Learn more about the living world through text with each image.

Grade 6-12



Learn about atoms, elements, matter and reactions at this kid-friendly site.

Grades 3-8

Eddy the Eco Dog

Eddy the Eco Dog

Try an adventure with Eddy the Eco Dog. Learn about the planets, earth's environment and more.

Grades K-5

Explore Science

Explore Science

Interactive science lab activities. Requires shockwave plug-in for browser (download link available at site.)

Grades 7-12



Lots of good ideas for learning about plants and gardens are included. Start with the "Fun Page for Kids".

Grades K-3

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Previously Featured Sites
Amusement Park Physics
Find out about the physics behind the fun. On-line activities, and off-computer experiments to try.

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Here's a place on the Web that actually understands plain English. Simply type a question and let Jeeves give you a series of choices.

Bats, Bats, Everywhere
Learn about bats with pictures, fun facts, games, quizzes and more.

California Science Fair Home Page
A photo tour, frequently asked questions, and ideas from the California State Science Fair.

Chemicool Period Table
Interactive periodic table of chemical elements with information on every element.

Close to Perfection
Close-up photographic views of butterfly wings or leaves; see letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, unusual faces, and more.

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Great interactive activities to explore biology on-screen, off screen, and in between.

Your zoo is about to receive its first Siberian tiger. (Only 400 exist in the world.) Your mission is to complete a Tiger Plan and to make certain this tiger thrives in his new zoo home.

Dairy Council of California
Test your fitness, check your knowlege of nutrition by playing the food pyramid game, try interesting recipes and other fun activities.

Distortion Illusions
Explore interactive optical effects, illusions, distortions, animations, artwork, and stories. Includes the work of M.C Escher.

DNA For Dinner
Access current information about genetic engineering of food crops. Draft a law to address the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the United States.

Earth Explorers
A SCORE Science lesson activity that has younger students use the Internet to investigate what animals need for their homes.

Energy Quest
Energy Science Projects, Energy Game Show, Tips For Kids and more!

Exploratorium Exhibits
On-line interactive activities from the famous San Francisco science museum.

Extreme Science
Check out the gallery of world records in science and meet some of the way cool scientists who are out on the edge studying this stuff!

Froggy Page
From silly to scientific. Sounds, pictures, songs, stories and more about frogs.

Future Feathered Friends
A SCORE Science lesson activity that has students research a shorebird species and determine if it is showing signs of drastic population declines.

Homer's Hill
A SCORE Science lesson activity that has students explore volcano locations around the world for on-location scenes in a movie.

Hyper Tech Exhibits
Interactive activities from the Tech Museum of Innovation including a robotics, earthquakes, satellites, DNA and more.

International Tulip Study
An on-line interactive project from the Journey North website. Plant tulips and use the tulips to compare the arrival of spring across North America.

Jake's Attic
A library of hands-on activities for kids. There are sections on Learning Adventures and Expeditions, and Science Fair.

Jet Streams in the Classroom
Find out how to predict the weather by looking at jet streams. Learn weather basics with science, geography and math connections.

Lawrence Hall of Science
Hands-on activities plus information about animals and experiments; take the feline or bat quiz, make a star clock, assemble Mr. Bones, map fish habitats, and more.

Little Shop of Physics
At this site, you can find out how to do experiments with common things found around your house, with your computer, or with the shockwave plug-in.

Mad Scientist's Network
Learn fascinating science facts as you explore thousands of questions and answers about science from around the world.

Microbe Zoo
A clickable image leads to pictures and facts about microscopic living things and what they do in our world.

Mission Truly Possible
A SCORE Science lesson activity in which students develop ideas to help rescue and restore endangered animals and plants to their rightful place in the habitats and niches they depend on.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Visit the on-line features of this great facility! Watch the live aquarium camera, look at pictures of the kelp and creature exhibits.

Neuroscience for Kids
Discover the different parts of your brain and nervous system.

The Observatorium
One of NASA's websites filled with pictures, stories, games (requiring java) and more.

The O. Orkin Insect Zoo
Rotate a grasshopper 360 degrees, watch a tarantula feeding, and learn everything you wanted to know about insects.

Reekos Mad Scientist Lab
Experiment to find out why boats float and elephants sink, make a batch of plastic or a mixture of goo. Can you solve the mystery of the month puzzle?

River of Venom
A mystery for science sleuthing. Solve it on-line or download it from the Access Excellence Mystery Spot.

Safari Touch Tank
A virtual touch tank which gives pictures and information about life along the ocean shore by clicking on the parts of the picture.

Science On-Line
A collection of lessons about the solar system, space science, seasons, earth, light, and cycles from U.C. Berkeley.

Sea World - Animal Resources
Pictures and facts about animals from the Sea World education series.

The Space Place
This site has a lot of Spacey things to make and do.

Sports Science
What's the science behind a home run? Why do curveballs curve? Find the answers to these and other sports science questions at this site.

Tom Snyder Science Court
Hands on activities for the Water Cycle, Work, Inertia, Gravity, Statistics, and Sound.

Virtual Frog
An on-line frog disecting activity.

Volcano World Kid's Door
Explore pictures and video clips and try some great activities at this award-winning site.

Way Cool Science Scavenger Hunt
A web search for answers to science questions both serious and silly with direct links to 10 websites.

Whale Times Kids Page
Read about ocean animals, play games, and solve puzzles. Interactive story page and more.

Easy-to-follow directions for 20 science activities from the book of the same name. Questions and ideas can lead to great science fair projects!

You Can with Beakman and Jax
Interactive demos (requires Shockwave), pictures, and facts from the Beakman's World show.

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