Welcome to Earth Explorers

Welcome to the Earth Explorers - Get ready for Adventure!

The Earth Explorers need your help to explore animal adaptations. Choose the animal you want to learn about by clicking on it's picture below.

You will need to record the information you learn about your animal so you can report to the other Earth Explorers.

Create an Explorer Log to write down what you find out and any questions you might have about your animal.

Here's what you need to find out about your animal:

  1. Where does it live?
  2. What is the weather like there?
  3. Does your animal have any special features to help it deal with the weather where it lives?
  4. What does it eat?
  5. What features help it with getting or eating it's food?
  6. List 3 interesting facts about your animal.

Dromedary Camel



Polar Bear

Siberian Tiger

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